Delays in debt-derived problems, courageously face early resolution debt consolidation

Ms. Hong is a foreign bride who divorced her husband shortly after she got married in Taiwan. The husband also ran away and left her to raise children by herself. There is also an elderly mother in the family who has to bear the cost of housing. Under the pressure of expenditure, Ms. Hong has borrowed by credit card to temporarily alleviate financial difficulties. However, under the vicious circle, she has accumulated more than 300,000 loan debts and monthly payments of more than five figures. She didn't know what to do, or who to ask for help. In the face of an old man, she didn't dare to speak, so she ran away from debt and dragged on for more than ten years.

However, in the past ten years, as Ms. Hong received salary every time, the bank took a deduction. As a result, she frequently changed jobs. Although the bank could not withhold her salary, it was also accompanied by the sequelae of unfavorable conditions such as low salary and unstable work. As the child grew up, Ms. Hong really did not want to continue this way. She did not want to be deducted from salary. Want to get more salary to raise children. However, her current salary is only 23K. Even if she changes her job, she is afraid of being deducted. So she left a message on the international online customer service system, hoping to deal with the long-delayeddebt consolidation. 3000 ~ 4000 yuan.

When we learned about Miss Hong's situation, she also felt that she was eager to solve her debts. Listening to her fluent Mandarin and showing her ID card was really touched by her persistence in supporting the family for a long time. The average single mother was enough. It is hard work, and a foreign mother who is in a foreign country and has no relatives is even more difficult, but she did not choose to give up and chose to endure more than ten years of suffering for her children. We examined Miss Hong's debt situation and found that her debt was due to basic living expenses, not excessive consumption in order to satisfy her desire, so it was forgiven. Further investigation revealed that Miss Hong's claims were not only in the bank. Since two claims had been transferred to the asset management company, they must be negotiated with the asset management company together, which is not the same as the bank's processing procedures. .

We first assisted Ms. Hong in handling the bank consolidated liabilities. Although the payment order sent by the court was still received during the negotiation, we assisted her to raise an objection to the court within 10 days and explained that she had negotiated with the bank. In cooperation, the result of the successful exemption from deductions. At present, Ms. Hong has a lot of peace of mind, and then she will follow the negotiation process. Finally, the bank will reduce the past due expenses and agree to a 68-term plan with an interest rate of 0 and a monthly payment of 1,500 yuan.

Seeing the result of the pre-negotiation agreement, Ms. Hong was relieved. Afterwards, her tone of voice eased a lot, not as anxious and anxious as before. At the other end of the phone call, we felt her change, and further asked Miss Hong to ask the bank which asset management company the debt was sold to, and told her to propose a coping strategy to the asset management company. Sure enough, at first the other party's attitude was strong. Ms. Hong was panicked. She called us for help. After our appeasement and understanding, we told her that to let the other party feel that she wanted to repay the debt, as long as she was sincere and right, explain her After letting the other party know, things will change for the better. Ms. Hong, who was encouraged, had a little self-confidence, and was not discouraged. She repeatedly showed her willingness to negotiate with the asset management company. In the end, the other party agreed to negotiate. The interest rate is also compared with that of the bank. The monthly payment of the two asset management companies is 1,000 yuan each, and the plan negotiated with the bank is 1,500 yuan, which is in line with Miss Hong ’s previous expected amount and is lower than 1 of her monthly income. / 6. While Ms. Hong was happy, we immediately checked it again and told her that she must get a stamped version of the repayment agreement, because the file formats of various asset management companies are not uniform, and it may not be stamped. In order to prevent future changes, it is safer to have a seal certification.

With our company and assistance, Ms. Hong resolved her debt problem for more than a decade. She also thanked us very much for being considerate of her condition and allowing her to pay service fees in installments. These were very helpful to her life. The family lives a more solid life.

Expert analysis:
Facing it bravely is the first step in solving debt. Generally, customers who have not paid off their debts for many years will go to the bank first if they want to negotiate, but the bank may be reluctant to negotiate with them because of their previous evasion behavior. After encountering a wall, it is easy to cancel the idea of ​​paying off the debt midway. So involved in the causality of the vicious circle. Once the claims are sold out, the negotiation with the asset management company is more complicated, because they are not necessarily handled in accordance with the bank, and the processing procedures, document forms, etc. are not the same. There are more important points to pay attention to, such as whether the repayment agreement Stamped versions have different benefits. However, the general public does not understand that they are already upset when faced with banks. I am afraid that they are more incapable than the asset management companies. Therefore, it is recommended that the public first understand the debt flow and asset management from the bank. The background of the company, in addition, to find trusted professionals to help, after all, the negotiation with the asset management company may take longer than the bank, find the right helper, a firm mindset, I believe that debt consolidation can do more with less.